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At the Bonita Springs Studio and Spa, there are more than 50 classes per week to suit any body, newcomer or experienced yogi!

It seems as if one can’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without seeing someone in “Downward Dog” or “Tree pose.” If I’ve lost you already then you may be one of very few that has not been exposed to the benefits of Yoga, either through the media or by actually taking a class.

Just a partial list of these benefits include improved flexibility, circulation, strength, balance, coordination, energy, weight loss, improved posture, alignment, mental clarity and calm, and overall health. Many of us baby boomers, however, are skeptical or downright afraid we will make a fool of ourselves if we attempt a class. “This is unfortunate,” says Jacqueline Chiodo, director of Joyful Yoga in Bonita Springs, “because Yoga is the simplest and most effective way to get the body and mind moving toward its natural state of perfect health no matter what condition you are currently in.

“Many people have attended a class where they felt uncomfortable, uninformed, and silly or maybe even injured themselves! We encourage those folks to try Joyful Yoga, where our intention is to make even your first class an enjoyable, transformational experience. Our goal is to make certain that you leave feeling better, in every way, than you did when you arrived!”

Jacqueline, her sister Emily, and their mother Tess have 48 years combined teaching experience. Tess began her practice in earnest in 1972, has taught many styles throughout the years and combines principles from all. Although raised in a “yoga” home, Jacqueline did not get serious about her Yoga practice until, as a stressed out stockbroker, recovering from an injury from a car accident, she began a consistent practice. She was so impressed by her amazing evolution back to health – physically, mentally, and emotionally – that she returned to school to devote herself to the study of the history and practice of Yoga and Ayurveda. (Ayurveda, from Sanskrit meaning “Knowledge of Life,” is the oldest health model. It was introduced to the west by Dr. Deepak Chopra.) She graduated with a degree in Religion from Rutgers University. “Once you begin to learn the science of this ancient practice and see how it dovetails with Quantum Physics, you then understand that there is no mystery as to how yoga works. It is unbelievably empowering to feel like you have taken back some control of your own health,” says Jacqueline.

In addition to the expanded schedule, Joyful Yoga & Spa has five massage therapists on staff offering eight of the very best of massage therapies available, as well as three Aestheticians providing a myriad of facials, peels, energy therapies, waxing, detoxification, and the latest non-invasive advances in facial therapies including the use of sound vibration, led light, water, in addition to the ancient Ayurvedic techniques and holostic treatments. Our understanding of the science of Ayurveda allows for a quintessential experience that enables our seasoned therapists to customize treatment for each individual mind/body constitution, elevating every spa treatment into a meditative ritual.

“We are very excited about creating a wonderful place in the community, with informational workshops on all things mind-expanding and health-oriented, and by providing motivational speakers and guests that inform and educate. Joyful Yoga is truly a place to find wellness and joy.”

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Yoga brings us into balance, through physical postures, breath awareness and mental relaxation. Through the practice of Yoga, an overall state of strength, stability, peace and joy evolves into your life.