In this the month of love and compassion, we celebrate this most precious and healing of emotions in all its many forms. This includes the romantic love of our partners in life, the endless and amazing love for our children and theirs, the ever changing love of our friends and family, and the love of our companion animals and all life on our precious planet.

According to many brilliant minds in science, philosophy and psychology, the opposite of the emotion LOVE is fear. (And quoting Dr. Wayne Dyer; One can’t hold fear and love in the same mind.) This fear can then lead to hate and other negative emotions which create imbalance and dis-ease physically, mentally and emotionally in the bodymind. How will this show up for you? The mystery continues to unfold. You do have the power to change direction.

What to do? Become more aware of your internal dialog. Be vigilant, constantly correcting and leading it toward a thought that feels good when you think it. “A thought that evokes a feeling of love, joy and compassion”, to quote The Teachings of Abraham.

Be still in meditation for any amount of time every single day. This will allow the awareness that you are not your mind, nor your thoughts and that you do infact, control your own mind and your thoughts.

What about the love of Self? Through time, many wise poets and sages have spoken of the need for the love of one’s self first. Yoga asana; the physical poses, accompanied by the breath work (pranayama), intention and attention on what your body is telling you through sensation (the 5 senses) in its purest form is the practice of self love. These practices create a powerful awareness of EVERYTHING. Cultivating Awareness.This is Yoga.

As you learn to create this union of the physical body (which includes the breath and our earth), the subtle body (the mind, intellect and ego) and the causal body (one’s individual consciousness, collective consciousness and universal consciousness) in your Yoga and meditation practices you begin to truly love and appreciate the miracle that is you and this life which you are creating. This then enables you become more loving and compassionate to others.

Love purifies the human nature and cleanses the mind and emotional field.

“Remember, in our innermost being we are all completely lovable because spirit is love. Beyond what anyone can make you think or feel about yourself, your unconditioned spirit stands, shining with a love nothing can tarnish.” -Deepak Chopra


– Tess Chiodo

Ready to Make a Change?

Yoga brings us into balance, through physical postures, breath awareness and mental relaxation. Through the practice of Yoga, an overall state of strength, stability, peace and joy evolves into your life.