Ansuya Rathor 

Bellydance & Yoga Instructor 

“Growing up learning from my mother, I gave my first performance at the age of four. I knew right away that I loved the spotlight, the costumes, and the joy of movement! It wasn’t long before I discovered how empowering Bellydance can be as I continued to dance through my teen years, as a young adult, and as a full grown woman. Through each stage of my development, Bellydance has offered me beautiful gifts to enhance my femininity and light the way toward a sacred expression of sensuality. Now that I have expanded my horizons to include Yoga, I feel a synergistic alchemy brewing that seems to fit some of the most significant pieces of the puzzle of female empowerment together, allowing a brand new path into accessing and expressing the Shakti power of Kundalini Rising!
In my “BFF” Bellydance~Fitness Fusion classes, it is my goal to help us, as women, enjoy fitness with a body positive mentality so that we may become BFF’S (Best Friends Forever) with our bodies through thick and thin! In my “Sacred Sinuosity” Yoga~Bellydance Fusion classes, it is my goal to ignite the powerful connections between Bellydance and Yoga to illuminate new experiences of self confidence, self love, and self expression in order to unleash the goddess within! And in my “Chakra Nurturing” Yin classes, it is my goal to help students find their way into deep release of emotional and mental patterns in order to clear the way for positive goals to flourish as we let go of tension in the connective tissues, relaxing the mind and body, allowing us the sacred renewal of self care through the chakras.” – Ansuya 
Ansuya is a world renowned superstar of Bellydance who has toured the globe multiple times as a master performer and instructor. She is a three-time Golden Belly Award winner, has a Best Cabaret Bellydancer of the Year Award from the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance, is one of the original Bellydance Superstars, stars in three pivotal Bellydance documentaries: “American Bellydancer”, “Behind the Shimmy”, and “The Fez Documentary”, and is the daughter of legendary American Cabaret Bellydance pioneer, Jenaeni Rathor. Along with television appearances as both a Bellydancer and an actress, she has an international list of press appearances promoting her starring role in the Bellydance Superstars touring show. 
Ansuya’s teaching style is accessible as she fills her classes with her sense of humor and easy to follow breakdown of even the most complicated techniques and concepts! She is the pioneer of multiple highly regarding training and certification programs, the most recent of which blends her new found love of Yoga with Bellydance!