Beth Cifonelli 

Yoga Instructor

I was introduced to Yoga slowly while working as a group fitness instructor, (certified via ACE) . I taught at a resort spa & club/gym . My past career also includes radio-broadcasting. I started working in college & continued that path for well over a decade, along with fitness.

Yoga was an occasional class and I loved the inward peace. The seed was planted.

Fitness lead me to obtaining a Nursing degree. Ive been a Registered Nurse for nearly 2 decades. Its been rewarding in so many ways, to touch others lives. I’m licensed in NY & FL.

I moved to SWFL by Jan. 2011.
My gym days had faded and fitness turned to long meditative walks with nature. Gradually, stepping into Yoga classes.
My mat became a sacred & safe space.

I attended Jaqueline Chiodo’s Teacher training and traveled for her Yoga retreat in Costa Rica. My certificate of completion acknowledges that I finished the 200 hours of Raja Yoga Training, practice and study in the Joyful Yoga Transformational Teacher Program.
My only expectation was the experience and to deepen my practice. I’m thankful for those that encouraged me to teach & let my wings fly. I’m passionate & humble to be a yoga teacher. It’s truly a privilege being at Joyful Yoga.

My teaching style varies but aligns with Patangalis 8 fold-path. I like that you can teach creatively thru the ancient & artful ways to be physically and mentally fit. Staying authentic.

I teach a variety of levels & classes from basics to Flow.
I believe in focusing on what you can do and not what you can’t and maybe seeing where you can find space.
I start another journey with the 300 hrs. in Jan. 2020 .

I have vast respect for our yoga community and it’s been a pleasure meeting some of you at Joyful. See you in class.