Bud Johnson

Tai Chi Instructor

I am Bud Johnson and I am a tai chi instructor at Joyful.Yoga. My passion is introducing people to the Chinese culture and to the ancient Chinese practice of tai chi.

I started practicing tai chi because I have found tai chi a great way to stay fit, mentally and physically. Tai chi forces you to focus and be conscious of every movement of your body and every breath you take. It totally takes your mind off any stressful thoughts you may normally have related to work, family or other normal everyday issues. For a brief period of the day you are immersed in this calming technique. After you have finished your tai chi session the relaxing effects of tai chi typically stay with you the rest of the day.

Although tai chi is a very peaceful exercise it is related to the martial arts and many of the movements are derived from the natural movements of animals and birds. It is fun because it is performed slowly and gracefully. I have been teaching Chinese martial arts for over 16 years and have let several groups to China where we have studied tai chi with Shaolin monks and with Taoist priests. I hold 4 black belts in martial arts and am a member of the United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame.