Calantha Mcmillan

Yoga Instructor

Calantha, also known as Callie, is an RYT 500 Hr yoga instructor. Prior to her Yoga career, Calantha spent over a decade in the fitness industry in many different capacities, including business owner and personal trainer. Her first exposure to yoga was in 2010 when she attended a class with her mother, who was using the practice to help manage her pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Calantha was drawn first to the physical benefits of yoga, slowing down and paying attention to the physical workings of her body.  It wasn’t long before Calantha discovered, what she calls, “the other side” of yoga – conscious integration of breath. She can still recall sitting in a class and trying to listen to the teacher’s breathing instructions. Her mind kept drifting to her three boys and then to a whole list of “to dos.” Then there was this moment that she was brought back to the teacher. It was the first time that she can recall hearing “if your mind drifts to something, acknowledge it, label it, set it aside and then come back to your breath.”  In that class the physical practice was eclipsed by over coming the mental challenges of trying to keep her mind focused and she began to understand the practice in this new light. She gave herself permission to acknowledge her thoughts as they arose and then letting them go, she returned back to her breath. Who knew that allowing oneself to do this could be so freeing?! Now she not only understood the physical experience but grasped the full mind body connection.

When Calantha moved to Vermont in 2014, she encountered many incredible yoga instructors.  Seizing the opportunity to learn from them and deepen her own practice, she completed her 200 hr teacher training through Liberate School of Yoga in February of 2016 and went on to complete her 300 hr advanced training through Laughing River Yoga in January of 2018.

Calantha loves to instruct her students through creative moves, twists and flows while she provides alignment cues allowing safe exploration of mind and body. Bringing awareness to the physical body through breath she offers modifications encouraging each individual to make the practice their own.  Calantha will continue to be a student of this amazing practice and is so grateful for the continued support and wisdom of her teachers.