Dosha Dolls

…from the ancient science of Ayurveda

Helping our girls develop a positive self-esteem

Dosha Dolls…from the ancient science of Ayurveda.Helping our girls develop a positive self-esteemAccording to the ancient science Ayurveda, you are born with your physical body type; your “dosha”, which aligns you with the elements in nature that determine your basic size, shape and attributes. Knowing this makes one comfortable and much more accepting of their body.

Dosha Dolls were created by Tess Chiodo, the matriarch of a family of yogis. Tess along with her daughters Jackie and Emily are directors of Joyful Yoga, located in Bonita Springs, Florida. Mother of six, grandmother of nine, artist, yoga instructor and practitioner for over 38 years, Tess became interested in the science of Ayurveda in 1993 after hearing Dr. Deepak Chopra speak and has been a student since.

“The information one learns about how our physical bodies align with nature and how to stay in balance is invaluable. “If I had access to this information when my children were small it could have eliminated many insecurities and disappointments about the obvious differences in my daughters shape and size.”

“The Doshas correspond with the elements in nature; Vata dosha, the most slender and small of the three body/mind types, controls movement and is composed of air and space.

Pitta dosha, the most muscular of the three body/mind types, controls metabolism and is composed of fire and water.

Kapha dosha, the largest of the three body/mind types, controls structure and is composedof earth and water.

If a little girl is a Kapha and she has grown up knowing this she would never expect to fit into a size 2, but she would know and love the possibility that she would be tall and shapely with beautiful large features and heavy, luxurious hair, with a calm and mellow personality. The little girl who is a Vata would never expect to be busty and muscular, but she would understand and love being petite and slender, the girl who could eat anything and stay slim, and her temperament lively and enthusiastic with a great imagination. The Pitta child would know and love her strong muscular athletic body, radiant skin, her smart, courageous and bold personality enabling her to step up and be a leader. With this knowledge, many self esteem issues could be completely eliminated.”

“As now the grandchildren have arrived, I decided to create dolls that the little ones couldrelate to. The dolls; named after three of the daughters are the three Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When you look at the dolls you see the obvious differences in their physicality. Each comes dressed in a cute yoga pants and top from Joyful Yogawear and includes a mini yoga mat and booklet explaining the positive qualities of their Dosha, including three yoga poses that are excellent for keeping each body type in healthy balance.”

“For our young girls to have an option to play with and carry around an image that is similar to their own instead of revering a high fashion doll of an unrealistic and unattainable female form is a wonderful thing! In this way, the doll becomes a personal and personalized talisman, where a child can identify with and embrace ones own dosha,” adds Tess.

The Three Doshas, The Three Dolls

Jacqueline is a Vata. She is petite and slim with delicate features and fine straight hair. As Vata Dosha aligns with space and air, Jackie loves to move. She is enthusiastic and imaginative, lively and talkative. She has brown hair and eyes with olive skin. She is like the wind! Jackie’s best yoga poses are Utkatasana (Chair Pose), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Navasana (Boat Pose).

These poses are good for the Vata child because they release tension and require firm consistent energy. Vatas love exercise and movement both physically and mentally but run out of steam during prolonged activity. Because they typically have low body weight and musculature, the lack of cushioning can be a challenge so provide a nice thick yoga mat and a warm environment. The result of the poses will be a feeling of groundedness, calmness and stability. The poses should be practiced slowly and gently with no force or abrupt movements. The mind calm and concentrated, the breath deep and calm with the emphasis on the exhalation.

Chelsea is a Pitta. She is average in size and is strong and shapely. She has beautiful bright features, pink lustrous skin, green eyes and auburn curly hair. Her element in nature is fire. She is smart, organized, outgoing, confidant and warm. She is joyous and witty. She is like fire! Chelsea’s best yoga poses are Adho Mukah Svanasana (Downward Dog), Setu Bhandasana (Bridge Pose), Pashmottanasana (Seated Forward Fold).

These poses are good for the Pitta child because they are cooling and calming. Pittas love a challenge and like to excel but patience is not their strong suit. They can tend to overdo and be aggressive so take care to keep the practice light and fun. The result of the poses will be a feeling of coolness, calmness and patience. The poses should be practiced in a relaxed and surrendering manner. The mind should stay receptive and detached and aware, not critical. Keep the breath cool and relaxed by exhaling through the mouth when necessary.

Emily is a Kapha. She is tall and shapely, with full beautiful features and hair. Kapha’s elements in nature are earth and water. She is affectionate and calm, sweet, stable, loving and compassionate with tons of energy. She has beautiful fair skin, blond heavy hair and blue eyes. She is like the earth and water! Emily’s best yoga poses are: Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior One Pose), Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand), Salabhasana (Locust Pose).

These poses are good for the Kapha child because they enliven and stimulate them. The Kapha child can be overweight, sedentary and often congested. They need a little external stimulation to get moving but once they are, they are steady and consistent. They tend to be emotionally calm and faithful to any endeavor. The result of the poses will be a reduction of congestion, a feeling of lightness, energy and detachment. The poses should be practiced with effort, speed and determination, keeping the body moving, warm and dry. The mind should be enthusiastic and focused, the breath as rapid as possible to maintain energy.

Your Child’s Dosha Dolls

Soft and cuddly, the set of three dolls are made with all natural cotton knit skin and yoga outfit. They measure 13, 14 and 15 inches tall. They are hand washable, with removable, machine washable clothing. With hand painted faces and soft sculptured bodies, the dolls are wired and have Velcro on the hands and feet the make the yoga asanas possible. The dolls come packaged with all the information for the parent presented here, including the quiz and tips to understand and help provide balance to the Doshas. They come with a yoga mats and booklets for the child, highlighting the positive aspects of each Dosha, and her the best yoga poses for each, with explanations, illustrations, and instructions to help keep her in balance, body and mind. Also included is a wealth of important additional information for the parent about Ayurveda, the Doshas and Joyful Kids Yoga to help keep the child in balance with nature and to add to the understanding of your child’s individual body/mind type.

Price: $79,  available exclusively through Joyful Yoga

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