Jacqueline Chiodo ERYT-500

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Chakra Yoga Specialist, Integrative Yoga Therapist

Jacqueline Chiodo discovered yoga at the age of 19, after suffering from a neck injury in an auto accident. Initially, her practice served as a way to relieve physical pain and then quickly transpired into a lifestyle which included emotional cleansing and spiritual awakening. Her yoga practice also served as an outlet to alleviate mental and physical tension from her high stress career as a Financial Advisor in her early 20’s.

After a few years of dedicated practice, she felt inspired to share the healing power of yoga with others. She transitioned out of the corporate world and into the yoga world, as a professional yoga instructor and studio owner. Jacqueline graduated with a B.A. in Religious Studies/ Eastern Philosophy from Rutgers University and had the privilege of studying with yogi Professor Edwin Bryant.

Through the past 20 years, Jacqueline has learned from many influential teachers of yoga, ayurveda and meditation, and has a deep respect for all spiritual paths. She believes Love and Service are the heart of all religious and spiritual endeavors. Her teaching style is based on Raja Yoga, or the 8-limbed path of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Jacqueline combines her knowledge of Ayurveda and the Chakra system with precise alignment, breath directed movement, pranayama, meditation, and inspiring themes to integrate the practice.

According to Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, ” yoga should be practiced according to the unique constitution (ayurveda) of the individual and should therefore be adapted to lifestyle, age and stages of life. One system is not appropriate for everyone at all times.”
Taking this into consideration, Jacqueline is able to teach a broad range of practitioners, from teenagers to seniors, her style can be adapted and modified by all ages and life stages. She has an ability to meet the student where they are and provide them with what they need to create balance in the body, mind and emotions.

Jacqueline holds a deep reverence and respect for the natural world and incorporates this into her teachings, inspiring others to live in tune with the environment and see their body/mind complex as an extension of the earth.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of this ancient practice in a way that is practical and applicable for a modern day yogi.

Jacqueline has been teaching yoga since 2001 and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers around the globe since 2008. She currently resides in Florida where she is the co-owner of Joyful Yoga and Ayurvedic Spa, her family yoga studio since 2005.
She leads trainings and retreats around the world in high energy destinations and is an advocate for protecting the environment, sustainable living, spending time in silence and empowering underprivileged youth.