JoAnn Ralph

Yoga Instructor

My first exposure to yoga was in New Jersey in the 1990s but life and career took me away for 20+years. Once I returned and realized I needed more than one or two classes a week, I chose Joyful Yoga because of the variety of classes and time schedule. Right from the start, I realized Joyful Yoga was the place I needed to be. I felt so welcomed despite my (self-perceived) physical limitations. The diversity of classes and participants, as well as the acceptance of all levels of practitioners was genuine and immediately comfortable. I attended daily classes – Restorative, Yin, Basic and Gentle and became hooked on these and Yoga Nidra for balance between mind and body.

I made the decision in October 2017 to retire from my 40+ year insurance/business management career and began planning what I would do with all this free time. Just then the announcement was made that Joyful Yoga Teacher Training was to start January 2018. I didn’t think I wanted a new career as a teacher. I just wanted to learn more about the science of yoga, the mind/body connection and anatomy for my own practice development and so that I could safely ease some of the aching joints age and inactivity had brought me. Through the depth of information provided in the Training program and our instructor Jackie Chiodo, and the encouragement of our classmates I realized I have more of a desire to share what I have and continue to learn than I initially expected.

Since graduation from Joyful Yoga Teacher Training as part of the “Wisdom Tribe”, I am focused on continued development of my daily practice and opportunities to teach at Joyful Yoga. I have a strong interest in providing Breathing workshops for stress management and relaxation – especially for those in business environments and staff of independent living, assisted living and nursing home facilities. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences either in classes attended or when I may have the opportunity to guide you in Chair, Restorative, Yin or other Yoga classes.