As you may (or may not) know, We’ve become obsessed with all things CBD- it’s our favorite natural anti-anxiety remedy and has become a part of our everyday routine in a myriad of ways.

Many users are claiming its efficacy for pain and inflammation relief (some doctors are backing it, too!). As CBD is widely known as a natural anti-inflammatory, it makes sense that this kind of product could be incorporated into facials and massage.

We now offer a CBD oil massage, and a CBD oil facial! We want to shriek with excitement (I clearly didn’t take enough CBD this morning). As the selfless people we are, We decided to offer our new wellness treatments, they are dreamy and effective. These therapy treatments uses CBD hemp oil as the massage oil. As mentioned CBD oil so amazing for pain, inflammation, and anxiety .

As particularly active people, we don’t just use massage as a form of self-care – it’s part of our recovery and health maintenance. Each time you get a massage you will feel like you are getting a luxurious treat, but these particular session with CBD will take you to the next level. You will feel an intense, soothing warmth and a warm-and-fuzzy feeling all over your body. It is so deeply physically relaxing that you will feel as if you are floating and melting into the massage table at the same time. This is literally heaven on earth, people. The CBD Vibe Massage is offered for $150.00

At Joyful Yoga and Spa we are masters at combining traditional remedies with innovative technologies. Case and point: Vibe out with our 75 minute CBD Vibe Facial – It starts with ultrasonic and electric stimulation to tighten and tone the the face using our Dermsound. Then, your skin is hydrated with CBD oil, which has the added benefit of reducing inflammation. Finally, LED therapy helps calm and encourage production of collagen, resulting in a beautiful, youthful complexion, for the ultimate glow we also incorporate a light peel of choice. Also included in this amazing facial you will receive a foot, hand, upper body and head massage including our CBD oil for the ultimate relaxation experience. CBD Vibe Facial $199.00 mention this article when booking your service and receive a complimentary Dermablading with this service.

HIGH QUALITY CBD Oil is very important! Mary’s Nutritionals is our top pick!

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Yoga brings us into balance, through physical postures, breath awareness and mental relaxation. Through the practice of Yoga, an overall state of strength, stability, peace and joy evolves into your life.