Tess Chiodo

Studio Owner, Yoga/Meditation/Ayurveda Teacher

I was introduced to Yoga and meditation in 1969 and became a serious student of Hatha Yoga in 1972. I have practiced every style of yoga and taught several from the extreme Bikram to gentle Lilias style (my first yoga instructor on PBS!). Like my daughters Jacqueline, Emily, and Chelsea, I combine principles from all, incorporating Ayurvedic concepts to further balance the body and enhance the effects of the practice.

The name itself explains our style:” Joyful Yoga”…You come to class…you leave more joyful! I became really serious about my practice while living in Germany in 1973 in my first pregnancy, as it was recommended by a friend and Yogi to reduce the severity, length and pain of the birth process. The effects were so profound I realized that this science was SO much more than “stretching exercises.” I began teaching in 1984, before certification, and finally received my first certification in 1994 from American Association of Aerobics International, before Yoga Alliance. Throughout the years I have practiced and taught different forms of exercise including teaching Jazzercise and Aerobics but always gravitated back to my Yoga practice as the perennial source of health and well- being; physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have had the great fortune to have studied with the best of the “Yoga celebrities” and have incorporated many aspects of all my experiences to help me in the evolution of my practice and instruction. I love teaching beginners and I specialize in Yoga basics, gentle yoga, as it allows any body to begin this ancient healing practice. I enjoy providing students with scientific explanation and evidence, including a deeper understanding of the quantum mechanical body, educating students as to how this simple practice can balance, strengthen, enhance and generally improve every aspect of ones existence, starting with the physical body. I know that it is never too late to begin. You need not be flexible or young. In 33 years of teaching my oldest new student was 89!

I have been a student of Ayurveda since 1993 after hearing Dr. Deepak Chopra and realized it was the missing piece to my understanding of the science, art and philosophy called Yoga. I love sharing this “sister science” of yoga with my students and I offer Ayurveda 101 Workshops twice each year. I began a formal meditation practice in 1976 when I was instructed in TM (Transcendental Meditation) and am now certified in Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction (PSM) thorough the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and offer monthly instruction in this gold standard of mantra meditation. Meditation is “the heart of Yoga” according to Patanjali and integral to a true yoga practice. This can be a very effective place to begin a Yoga practice.